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Infinite Synergy, Creators of MLM The Game
Our Story, and Company History...

Infinite Synergy is the company behind MLM The Game. MLM The Game was created by three founders who love the network marketing business, and have a combined experience of almost 20 years in the home business industry.

James Barnard, introducing President Anders Gustavsson;

Anders is the steam in the engine when it comes to building companies. As a driving force behind the focus and vision of Infinite Synergy, Anders has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills in all walks of his life, and has maintained an integral part in the creation and development of MLM The Game.

While considered by many of his colleagues to be a renaissance man, Anders had demonstrated a wide variety of skill and excellence from metal sculpture, to Real Estate Investing, to snowboarding, and of course Network Marketing. With a passion for helping others succeed and live to their fullest potential, Anders is a born entrepreneur with a gift for creative mlm education.

Anders Gustavsson, introducing Vice President James Barnard;

James is at heart an idea generator and has become a visionary for interactive training. James started his entrepreneurial career very early and hit the ground running. While most his late college aged peers were taking other traditional routes he started 2 companies, one being a network marketing distributorship and the other being a creative design company. As the years piled on, they both excelled rapidly and showed exciting levels of success. Throughout building his businesses he kept reading, listening, and learning from today's top industry trainers. During this time his enthusiasm began to grow even greater for the home business industry as a whole.

While immersed in the home business industry and still having a strong passion for graphic design, he was approached to join forces to create MLM The Game, the answer was undoubtedly yes. From the initial napkin game idea drawings, to creating game cards, to actual game creation, and to today's heavy marketing efforts his work has continued to shine.

James Barnard, introducing Vice President Anna-Lena Gustavsson;

As a licensed Physical Therapist and Acupuncturist in Sweden with an extensive education in health and wellness, she left her regular life and traveled to the US from Sweden in the 90's. A classic story of following the "American Dream", she worked closely with a business CFO's and also managed to develop her skills in golf to a near pro level. A few years later she played on a college team for 2 years and there after began to coach the same team for several more years. During her college coaching career she was also introduced to network marketing and began to see the undeniable parallels of teaching beginning entrepreneurs with coaching in sports. With a total of 23 years of entrepreneurial experience, through 5 different businesses, including 2 network marketing companies, she gave birth to the idea of MLM The Game in March of 2004.

She continues to advance herself through studying in a wide-range of personal development programs, and keeps traveling the world to study with the timeless wisdom of teachers from a wide variety of cultures.


MLM The Game, Creation Begins...

Using currently available mlm training materials, their own wealth of experience, and a collective wisdom of network marketing masters, the three inventors created the ultimate network marketing training experience. MLM The Game is an exciting way to learn from real life scenarios and situations that occur in the network marketing business. This is a board game that teaches people about the industry, leadership topics, recruiting, customer acquisition, team building and personal growth. The game also addresses the infamous emotional roller coaster and even gives tips on how to avoid it.

Over 95% of people who become involved with a network marketing company fail, and only 2-3% make the money they dream about. The creators of MLM The Game believe that much of the reason for those failures is a misunderstanding of the industry and a lack of adequate training to help people develop the mlm skills necessary to succeed.

MLM The Game is a unique mlm training board game designed for network marketers at all stages of their careers. By practicing accelerated learning techniques, new comers to network marketing will learn to embrace the basic concepts and principles of network marketing.

The seasoned network marketers are presented the opportunity to build great relationships with their downline, and at the same time, get some great review for themselves. Furthermore, this revolutionary board game will educate the general public about MLM, and elevate the universal morality of the mlm industry as a whole.

The purpose of MLM The Game is to educate as many people as possible about principles of Network Marketing, through creating fun and entertaining experiences that are engaging and memorable.



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