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Additional Player Testimonials:

Network marketing leaders can use this game as a tool to help build relationships within their existing and emerging teams. If you?re serious about your business, you need this in your toolbox!

Ivan Cekov

MLM The Game is an exciting and fun way to learn how to be successful in your Network Marketing business! I first played MLM The Game when I was totally new to the multi-level marketing industry. It helped me understand the process of setting up my network marketing business for success, and taught me so much about why this industry is a brilliant way to do business! I love what this game has done for me!

Lynda Ereshan
Ventura, CA

With material from MLM The Game, I always find thought-triggers ... new insights into many situations in my business ... whether the situation be a "repeat" or a totally new occurrence. MLM The Game continually suggests there is always a way to look for opportunity in every situation. Very realistic, practical, honest & humble insights ... Thanks for your GR8 efforts and presentation.

Marc Ruggeri

MLM The Game is a totally absorbing, challenging and unique new board game. After spending several very enjoyable hours exploring this educational and exiting game, I can highly recommend MLM The Game, a fresh and inspirational way to learn more about network marketing.

Anders Hoffman


Fast MLM Training Through Accelerated Learning

Remember back in your early school days? They would pile you into classrooms of 30-40 students with 1 teacher speaking in front of the room, while the front 1-3 rows of students were usually paying attention, those in the back were often talking to their friends, falling asleep, or even drawing on their desks!


It was quite obvious that most students were not engaged in the learning process. This is because this type of teaching only uses 1 or 2 methods of learning at a time. Sadly, MOST training methods still only use 1 or 2 methods of teaching.

Books, seminars, and even most professional trainers still rely on listening and memorization as their main method for their students to retain what they teach. They learn while they are there, and some may even take notes. Unless this information is reviewed several times using the various methods to stimulate the senses, it will be forgotten.


There is nothing more painful than working hard to get your whole team to a training event, only to have them have excited for three days, and then go home to continue having the same mediocre results.

This happens to SO MANY network marketers, and it is frustrating. We know because we have been there. The bottom line is, the teaching style of only listening and memorizing is out dated, boring, and is not the most efficient way to learn. In fact, it is very ineffective for the majority of people.

Today is a new day. Teachers and trainers need to catch on and start using more efficient techniques to teach their students. Accelerated learning practices don't just tell you the information, they engage you in the process. You learn with multiple senses and practice with various techniques.

Through research by numerous doctors, scientists, and various professionals more has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 15 years than in all history to date.

If you use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn naturally, and quicker.

There are several stages of learning that one must go through to fully grasp any concept. This is especially true in MLM because the last stage involves teaching. The quicker you can learn, and the more engaged you are in the learning process, the more likely you are to retain the information.

Effective Network Marketing Training uses Accelerated Learning

MLM the Game is a powerful tool to help new distributors in any network marketing company. In a fun and fast paced way, they'll learn goal setting, key leadership concepts, team building and how to dream big.

The 5 Stages of Learning

1) Unconscious Incompetent - You don't know, you don't know

2) Conscious Incompetent - You are aware that you don't know

3) Unconscious Competent - You are unaware that you know

4) Conscious Competent - You are aware that you know, and make conscious decisions to further your education in specific areas

5) Mastery - You have a firm grasp of the subject, and can teach others with efficiency

Are You Wasting Your Time and Money On Your Network Marketing Training?

MLM The Game reinforces the stages of learning and gives you the opportunity to exercise techniques that help you learn quicker, and understand what is necessary to be successful. Furthermore the same opportunity exists for other people playing the game while giving you a perfect forum to coach them through the process.

If the training you are currently being exposed to does not use more than 1 or 2 teaching methods, then you are wasting your time and money. Unless you are doing something extra to solidify the training you are getting, chances are you will forget 90% of what you learned.

MLM The Game is one of the best ways to make sure you are getting the most of your mlm training experience.

During MLM The Game you will need to listen, read out-loud, interact with other players, ask questions, write things down, physically handle the game materials, and most importantly laugh & learn!

Great fun, and a super realistic educational tool for all network marketers!

Randy Dillon
Marina Del Rey

DSWA - Corporate Member