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Network marketing leaders can use this game as a tool to help build relationships within their existing and emerging teams. If you?re serious about your business, you need this in your toolbox!

Ivan Cekov


Building Relationships
The X Factor in MLM Training

If you were trained the way most people in this industry have been trained...then you were instructed to call all the people you know with a tremendous amount of excitement telling them that you just found out about this exciting new business, and they just HAVE to hear about it.

After that, they will all wonder what the excitement is about and be curious what you are doing. Finally, you edify your upline who recruits them for you and everyone is happy, right?

Now, forget all of that nonsense, because it's not about just recruiting people. It's about building relationships.

You will become successful by approaching prospects in an authentic way, while truly wanting to know about them, and showing that you care about their personal lives. Through learning about them, it will be much easier to naturally get them to join your business. If you determine they are a good prospect and you get the opportunity to expose them to your business, then the real relationship building begins.

If they are interested, you must actively continue to build the relationship.

This involves discovering their values, and learning about what they want out of their involvement in the business. It is crucial that you build a good relationship in the very beginning with a new person, especially if they are brand new to network marketing.

There are several stages of belief that people go through in MLM and people that don't go through them all eventually quit. The first stage is obviously for the prospect to believe that this is a good opportunity for them, and if they do, they will usually join the business.

After that, they go through stages of developing belief in the industry, in the company, the product, the people (including you), and most importantly belief in their ability to do this business. It would be best if they can develop these beliefs in a short period of time.

There are not many training options available that allow you to do all these things with your people. The training needs to be high impact, and interactive - so they go through the stages of belief quickly and relatively painless.

People who do not develop all stages of belief in all areas eventually quit. Would you rather try and get them to read all the books you are reading, listen to all the audio CD's your upline tells you to, and drag them to the company seminar...

or invite them over to play MLM The Game, and have fun developing these skills all at once.




DSWA - Corporate Member