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Creative Ways YOU Can Use
The Network Marketing Tool "MLM The Game"

Playing a game is a creative, fun, and new way to learn about network marketing. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience that has gone into creating the contents of this network marketing training tool.

Although MLM The Game sources information from some of the greatest books written about network marketing, it is not something you can only use like a book. There are countless ways to interact with others using MLM The Game as a vehicle for communication, training, good conversation, laughter, and quality time with your team and potential prospects.

If you have used MLM The Game in any new and creative ways not listed here, please share them with us!

Here are just a few ways that people are using MLM The Game as their preferred Network Marketing Training Tool:

Use The Game Cards Separately

The game cards are fun and challenging. If you are on a road trip to an event of any kind, test your driver and other people in the car on their skills. You will also be able to create stimulating conversations around network marketing by using the materials this way. Just talking about certain principles can open new ideas and understanding in your business.

Play With a Much Younger or Much Older Prospect

Do you find it challenging to build relationships with younger people, or with older people? When there is a large age gap between you and your prospect, building relationships can be challenging. While playing games you will find commonalities, MLM The Game makes it fun, and easy to build relationships.

Play With a Difficult Prospect

Have you ever had a prospect that may be difficult to approach? One that may not be just like you? We are all different, and especially while cold market recruiting, we can meet people that are very different from us. You also may have some people in your life that you find might be perfect for the business, but you just can't figure out a way to work it into the conversations you have with them. Inviting them to play a game can be an easy approach. Building the Relationship is vital to recruiting efforts, and when there is little else to relate to, playing a game will open new conversations, and you will get to know this person on a much deeper level. Once you break the ice with MLM The Game you may just find that you are not as different as you first thought.

Hotel Lobby

Before your training or weekly event, bring the game and play it in the lobby while waiting for your guests. Better yet, have your guest come 1 hour early so that they can play with you before the event. Playing in a hotel lobby is not only a comfortable and open environment, but you will create a buzz that people will be attracted to and certainly wonder what you are up to. Invite them to play too!

At Your Convention

You will meet for the first time some of your new downline and upline members. This is a time when it is VERY important for you to strengthen your relationship with ALL your team members. There is no better way than to do this than by having fun together. Alternatives to having fun with your team are usually more expensive, and not usually focused on your business. There is a tendency for some people at training events to go out and party afterwards or go site seeing in the city. Remember that you are there to learn about your business, and strengthen relationships with your team. MLM The Game is a way for you to do this in a relaxed fun and interactive atmosphere.

Coffee Shops

There are a few different uses for MLM The Game at a coffee shop:

1. Get to know your newest prospects over a cup of coffee. It is a great place to chat and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Bring along MLM The Game, and have some laughs together. The coffee shop technique is an excellent alternative to the hotel lobby. Playing the game with a potential prospect will help your relationship grow stronger which can get you closer to recruiting them into your business.

2. Be different when marketing your MLM company. If you do marketing a little bit differently than most people, you will see that it works. There are many easy ways to find good prospects, and this is just one. Buy an extra copy of MLM The Game, and go down to the busiest privately owned coffee shop in your town (this may not work with a Starbucks or other large chain due to their strict corporate policy). You will usually find that they have a few board games there that people are free to play as they wish. Most people do not know what MLM is. Some people do, but most of them have the wrong idea. Why not let people find out for themselves? The coffee shop owner will most likely welcome you to leave a game there, then include a few of your business cards in the game itself, and possibly a little introduction about you and your company. Go back every few weeks, and refill your business cards.

A Prospect That Is On The Fence

Have you ever had a prospect on the fence, or a prospect that you think would really love the concept but have not had the right tool for exposure yet? Maybe they have already seen a 1 on 1, or maybe they have been to a meeting. Quit trying to convince them, and just have some fun with them. Build the relationship. Play MLM The Game, and do not be attached to recruiting them, just play! If anything, they will at least understand what you are doing and support you. Perhaps they will at least refer you to other potential prospects.

Team Building Activity

Have a group training with a few of your team members. This is a great idea for any leader that wants to create a better team atmosphere and for any leader that wants to find out WHO is really serious about their business. The topics of discussion that will come up will enable any leader to determine who they should be spending 80% of their time with. Are you spending your time with the wrong people? Play MLM The Game and find out now. The ideal amount of players per game is 3-4, so if you want to invite over more people, bring 2 games for the highest efficiency.

A Get Started Training or Regional Event

For a leader and serious business builder, MLM The Game can be used at larger training events. It is a fun and interactive 2 hour training that can be used in the beginning, middle, or end of the day. If you have a group of 60 or more people and are serious about putting on a larger team building event and are in need of more than 15 games, we can offer you special pricing. Please contact us to speak more about this opportunity.

Have a business game night

Post an add in your local newspaper, and make sure they RSVP so you do not go waiting for anyone for nothing. Then play the game with people, and teach them about mlm. They may be totally new to mlm and never seen it before, they may be representatives of other companies, or they may end up being someone you would never want in your business. You never know who will come, but this is a fun way to meet new people. When people like the game, they buy it through your affiliate link. Better yet, IF they are already in mlm, not only do you get the first level on that one game, but you also receive a 5% commission on all games they will sell in the future if they also become affiliates.

Customize MLM The Game

Customizing MLM The Game to your company is not only possible, but likely a great jump start in training your new and seasoned team members. We have a unique staff of entrepreneurs and creative professionals that understand this industry and can work with your team to create a custom tailored game that can be an excellent addition to your start-up kit, or simply as a stand alone training product that distributors can by from you at retail.

Please contact us to speak more about customizing MLM The Game for your company.


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