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The ultimate goal of playing MLM The Game is not always to finish it. It is to learn, build stronger relationships with your prospects and team, which will bring more people into your business.

The time required to finish a full game of MLM The Game with three to four players is usually about 2 hours. This is usually too much time with an initial prospect, and can be over whelming. Also, prospects want to "finish" the game, and for them it IS about winning and finishing the game.

Here is how you play the Quick Version of MLM The Game which will take you roughly 1 hour.

MLM The Game Quick Play

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The Network Marketing Training Game;
MLM The Game, what's inside...

Network Marketing (MLM) is the most dynamic business system to be created since the industrial revolution. This powerful marketing system is sweeping the globe and is already practiced in dozens of countries. Many of the Fortune 500 flock to do business through MLM companies, and worldwide revenues exceed 80 billion dollars per year. Thousands of new entrepreneurs join the industry every day.

Also known as direct sales, multi-level marketing, mlm, this business system requires new skills that are different from the passive process of putting products on a shelf. MLM The Game helps introduce these skills, explains their importance, and reinforces the systematic approach to marketing a product or a service through a network of distributors.

Some network marketing companies have services, some have products, and some have a combination of both. The generic version of MLM The Game sold on this website does not mention specific products or services in order to make it applicable to any network marketing system. So no matter what company you are part of, you will be able to relate to this MLM training experience.

Here is a Virtual Tour of MLM The Game...

The Network Marketing Tool; MLM The Game set up

Players will shuffle the game cards and place them around the board on their corresponding spaces. Every player fills out their score sheet with their name, the date, and Why in the space provided.

The Why is the reason the player wants to succeed in their MLM business. Example: “I started my MLM business to make enough residual income to enable me to quit my job and spend more time with my family”.

Next, players write 3 short term goals they have for their business. Example: “5 new business partners, $500 monthly residuals in 6 months, cut hours at my job to 30 hours a week”.

Do you know what your team members goals are? Most leaders do not know their team members well enough to know what they want out of the opportunity, which leads to why people quit as quickly as they do. This game will allow you to get to know your team members on a deeper level. After playing MLM The Game, leaders are encouraged to save the score cards of their downline members, because it will include their Why and their goals for the business. This information is imperative for any upline leader to know. When your downline members begin to feel down or unmotivated you will know how, and what to say to help motivate them again, because you will know what they want, and why they want it.

After filling out the score cards, game play begins.

Object of The Network Marketing Training Game

The object of the game is to earn the Platinum position by gaining the necessary Customers, Business Partners and PG (Personal Growth) points by answering questions correctly.

Basics of Playing

All players begin at the ground floor and must earn each position before moving on to the next like in a real MLM business. The first position is the Qualify position, next is the Bronze position, third is the Silver position, fourth is the Gold position, and the winning position is Platinum.

Progress from position to position is determined by points accumulated, or lost, as a result of drawing the various game cards. The game card to be drawn is determined by the four spinners on the game board corresponding to the respective positions. Each space on the spinner represents one of five categories. Every category has a separate deck of cards. Players will spin to see which category they will play. Within each category are opportunities to score points. Also within each category, are randomly placed Emotional Roller Coaster cards which have unpredictable results in where players will gain or lose a large amount of points without their control. As in real life we can have massive successes or unexpected challenges which we can do nothing about other than staying consistent with our focus.

Winning The Game

The first player to reach Platinum position before any other player wins the game.


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